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Nike shoes manufacturing process and classificatio

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PostWysłany: Nie 18:55, 21 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Nike shoes manufacturing process and classificatio

NIKE company since 1999, the use of electronic data exchange with their suppliers to contact, directly to the clothing style, color and quantity of single-mode conditions to EDI, and cross-loan-shortened to 3 to 4 months. It also requires the supply of fabric weaving factory first U.S. company to report a newly developed fabric swatches, fabric by the designer select the appropriate design for the clothing styles, and then orders for apparel manufacturers; and clothing manufacturers are using NIKE fabric must also be approved by the company's weaving factory production. As a result, cloth plant must plan ahead for the NIKE company to buy new products. However, fabric is designated buyer, the buyer to give garment manufacturers to reduce the time set cloth,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], garment manufacturers will increasingly short delivery time, from the previous 180 days to 90 days.
NIKE NIKE in China produced 95% of shoes back to the U.S. market. NIKE's business model in China is the main agency business, small business own business operations. Like Dodge, Reina, cross the world, the first exploration companies are NIKE the agency.
NIKE mode of transport in China, mainly road transport, there is a small part deals with air transport. Commissioned by products manufactured outside the air transport third-party logistics company based in China directly to the NIKE corporate offices in major cities of the warehouse, such as Beijing, Shanghai, China. Products in China is also a third party logistics companies to the way road freight transport in major cities in China NIKE corporate offices warehouses. This part of the transport, storage costs are borne by the NIKE company.
The NIKE Corporation is concerned, do not do their own transport, transport links are completed by third-party logistics companies, transportation costs borne only regional offices from the origin to this part of the warehouse, storage is managed by the Office. The primary function of the warehouse, as the head office directly under the store's warehouse, not every agency of the warehouse; Another important feature is the interim storage, the product shipped to regional warehouses from the origin, the agency would immediately shipped to their warehouse to pick up So do libraries use transit. Each agency-owned vehicles, to the local office NIKE warehouse delivery company, delivered to their warehouse,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then shipped to each agency shops. This part of the transport, storage is complete on their own agency, the transportation, warehousing costs are borne by agency.

Classification of [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
1. Basketball shoes
FORCE-performance cushioning ability and excellent protection, but more heavy, suitable for post players
FLIGHT-most avant-garde look with a lightweight in performance, FLIGHT focus on speed, change direction, jumping, etc. designed for the outside players
UPTEMPO-one in between, a series of broader scope
2. Tennis shoes
The most obvious characteristic: toe strengthening plate, DRC (wear rubber) outsole
3. Soccer shoes
SG (SOFT NATURAL GROUND) outsole known: 6 nails
FG (FIRM NATURAL GROUND) outsole commonly known as: 13 nails (nails are usually 12-15)
MG and VT outsole for football fans. Generally,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but not broken nails and more spikes. VT is a relatively new addition is the sole end and nails similar to multi-FG
TF (SPORT TURF) commonly known as: broken nails or nail-intensive
IC (INDOOR COMPETITION) commonly known outsole: rubber sole (indoor)
4. Running shoes
Shock, speed, cross country, stable, free five categories. (new classification)
There two types of running and training
6. Integrated Training Shoes
Tread groove to fit the most complex multi-sports
7. Women's Fitness Shoes
Yoga, dance and aerobics, strength training, cycling shoes, treadmill training, fighting training, sports training - sports training is a relatively new concept for the design of quick foot movement
In terms of indoor shoes, short shoes more than men
8. Casual retro shoes
Culture is the expression of a class of nike shoes: DUNK, DUNK SB, AIR FORCE series


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